Welcome. How are ya?

Casey Todd Grathwohl here. I appreciate that you’re visiting my site. Feel free to read my posts on media and random thoughts regarding humanity.

I’m a 6 and a half foot tall aspiring marketing professional with a creative personality and a managerial work ethic. I love understanding human behavior, thus I find myself interested in consumer information. Connecting with complete strangers and creating meaningful relationships with others is likely to be my greatest skill. Although, unlike a significant portion of my strange generation, I enjoy spending time reading and writing. With that said, I’m utterly crazy and ambitious. I spend my days at skateparks, bombing mountains on my bike, and failing to write meaningful music.

I grew up next to a farm on the East End of Long Island. I find my education and time period I’ve been born into a tremendous privilege. Throughout my life I’ve tried to live by the quote “to who much is given, much is expected”. I would never take my education for granted as I know there are millions of people throughout the world that would do almost anything to be in my shoes. Since leaving high school, New York City has been in my crosshairs as the place to be if I want to prove my worth to the world.

I currently study Communication and Business at Marist College in the Hudson Valley. On top of this, I work as the Media Outreach Assistant for the Marist Communication department. I’m on the hunt for a full-time position in either marketing, client services, or anything meaningful that gets put on my plate. Feel free to contact me at CaseyGrathwohl@gmail.com.