Generation Google.

When was the last time you asked someone in their 20’s a question and they responded to go read about it in a book or even tell you to “search the web”? Entering the future, Google has become the information powerhouse that fuels the ever increasing intelligence of Millennials and Generation Z. I have come to call this generation of information seeking enthusiasts, “Generation Google”. The simple idea of Googling something has become an almost instinctive and natural reaction to the need for information. Essentially, I believe Google has become one of the few services that have become so thoroughly integrated into people’s daily lives that it has become almost humanistic in regard to the way we interact with it.

It’s absolutely amazing to understand how much information throughout a vast spectrum of categories is shared and searched through the Google search engine. Every year, there are about 2 trillion Google searches, which amounts to over 100 billion searches per month and about 2.3 million every second. It’s almost impossible to fathom the thought of over 2 million Google searches being performed with every passing second. With each search, people are taking in new information and in many cases gathering new knowledge that essentially increases that users capability to function in society. As a college student, I wouldn’t be able to efficiently function as a scholar without using Google for simple searches to advanced searches for scholarly articles. I think it’s clear that Google could be credited for being one of the world’s most influential educators in regard to the younger generations.

Google has inherited human-like traits in the minds of many young people. The company’s dedication to accurate search results gives Google the image of dependability, which is an important factor in interpersonal relationships. The term “just ask Google” embodies the idea that people have come to treat Google as a physical and intelligent being. In some situations, Google acts as our best friend, as the search engine is the reigning champ of argument dispute. People consider and trust Google for virtually everything. In the past few years, I haven’t even considered consulting a friend about something without asking Google first. It’s ultimately convenient and impressively accurate in understanding what I’m looking for. In some cases, it seems like Google knows what I want better than I do. In the end, as millennials continue to be the most educated generation, I believe Google will continue to power the expansion of human intelligence.

To watch the number of Google searches happening every day visit to watch it happen in real time.

For more Google statistics visit this link.




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