Just a Thought: academic stigma toward managerial advertising.

As I prepare to graduate college with a degree in advertising, I find it ridiculous that not a single professor has once advocated for a career in media planning. Why is it that creative advertising is glorified as a college student’s paradise with a lack of cubicles, drug tests, or “boring” responsibilities? Meanwhile, media planning is shrugged off as a profession that belongs in the bland category with accounting and human resources. This stigma around managerial advertising in academic environments is absolutely unjustifiable. I’ve spoken with many students who claim they could never work in anything other than creative advertising because they would “lose their mind”. Well, if losing your mind means working in a dynamic, cultured, and exciting environments then, I’ll willing throw my mind into the Bermuda Triangle to never be seen again.

Please don’t get me wrong, I love working on creative campaigns but I just wish college students would understand the amazing career choices in advertising outside of being a creative. I’ve interned in a creative agency and a media agency while loving my work in both. For those of you who are like me that have a creative personality but a managerial mindset, I strongly advise you explore a career in media planning. Imagine working in an open, collaborative, diverse, young, and weird environment. If you’re outgoing, organized, and have a strong work ethic, you may have what it takes to be a media planner. My advice for advertising students is to explore your industry. Look at the other professions outside the wild lifestyle of artists and writers. I urge you to explore the importance of account management, media planning, and event management in the dynamic industry of advertising. Believe me, I used to be an aspiring copywriter who feared the thought of a management role. But once I stepped out of my comfort zone, I finally found myself in the environment that I belong.


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