Ramen for thought.

Just a thought for you college goers:

There’s a common ideology looming over college campuses that I must refute. As a senior, who’s graduating early, I’ve accepted my impending fate beyond the confines of my college career. Yet, all too often I hear my peers complain, “I don’t know what I’m doing with my life” as if it’s a bad thing.

If you’ve ever said this, or currently believe the misconceived notion that uncertainty for the future is a misfortune, I urge you to think about how mediocre the gift of life would be if we knew everything we would experience beforehand. Don’t get me wrong, life is undoubtedly nerve racking in college with the pressure of expectations, but the fact that you don’t have a set in stone golden ticket career in place immediately upon graduation, just means that you have an open door to any opportunity that life puts in your hands. It’s impossible to accomplish goals with a negative attitude, so approach the real world with your own personal finesse and you’re an open target for any opportunity that fits your visions. If you’re scared like me, consider that a positive. The common fear of post-college is merely another hill to climb and when you reach the peak, you’ll find the vast mountain range of opportunity that life provides.

It’s like the famous “Joe Dirt” once said, “Keep on keepin’ on”.


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